ICSC Recon 2022: Takeaways, Learns, & Gratitude

Sacramento, CA – (June 20, 2022)

ICSC Recon 2022 had a profound impact on our team and business as we were able to further deals in play and work with new potential Tenants for Pappas Investments’ portfolio of Class A shopping centers. Our team members shared their personal experiences–from development to leasing.

  • Dealmaking was at an all time high
      • “ICSC 2022 was a well attended, impactful show that allowed us to cover more ground with in-person meetings representing Pappas Investments’ premier shopping centers. We personally booked over 30 successful meetings in two days with key players and decision makers for new deals and deals already in play. It also further strengthened our team dynamics.” – Kelly Rule, Vice President, Retail Leasing
  • Make an impact at your first event
      • “For my first ICSC Recon, I decided to make an impact by working as a deal manager to organize the flow of meetings and preparing clear, well-structured deliverables to make a significant impression at each meeting. ICSC Recon was larger than I could have imagined and it was an even better experience than I could have expected. This experience is greatly attributed to the relationships built and established at ICSC.” – Elizabeth Sitzenstatter, Associate, Retail Leasing
  • Continue creating a network
    • “ICSC 2022 helped solidify deals and connect with key players. These connections that we establish at ICSC Recon help to grow our network of deal makers that creates a pipeline for success. It is always critical to book as many meetings as you can, walk the conference halls, and meet with individuals in person that you may not have the opportunity to meet in your local market.” – Curtis Gilzean, Associate Vice President, Retail Leasing

ICSC Recon always creates immense value for our company, our team members and the entire commercial retail real estate industry. Preparation has always been the key to success and the Pappas Investments team continues to perform at a high level at each event.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

About Pappas Investments:
Pappas Investments is a fully integrated real estate company that takes pride investing in local communities. We have been family owned and operated in Sacramento since 1970.